10 November 2010: To-Do list for full release here, though you might prefer to locate that page from the index.

10 November 2010: S-expression syntax finally retired. Still need to update the specification.

7 October 2010: VIM and Emacs modes now in the tree.

25(?) September 2010: Mixfix implementation completed.

31 August 2010: Instructions for fetching via mercurial.

26 August 2010: Doc describing implementation of layout.



Coyotos People

At Hopkins

Swaroop Sridhar and M. Scott Doerrie are working on the BitC project at Johns Hopkins University. Swaroop has worked on high-performance dynamic translation technology, and currently is in charge of the BitC compiler and semantics for the Coyotos project. Scott is our verification expert. Among other things, Scott has the unusual distinction of having identified and corrected a bug in the EROS specification from an attempt to formalize the design constraints, and originated an alternative approach that does not yield anomolous behavior.

At The EROS Group

Jonathan S. Shapiro is the managing partner of The EROS Group. He is the primary architect of EROS, the predecessor to Coyotos. Dr. Shapiro did most of the writing of the Coyotos specification, designed and implemented the cross-environment tools, and spends an inordinate amount of time handling administrivia for the company. He now works primarily on the application-level environment for Coyotos.

Other Contributors

Mark Miller has now returned to Hewlett Packard Laboratories, but has consulted on many aspects of the BitC design. Check out some of Mark's current work on the E Programming Language.